Warmups are over.

The real wars could begin soon:

Saudi Arabia grabs the news headlines.

There has been a series of news stories coming out of the Middle East that indicates serious trouble is threatening the region.

Saudi Arabia and Iran: A coming war?

These news stories refer to events which point to the very real threat of a great war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. If this war happens, it will be a war that rivals the World Wars. Many other nations of the world will get involved. Today’s weapons of warfare are far superior to those used in those past great wars. The carnage will be extreme.

If a war between these two juggernauts does break out, there is no doubt it would eventually pull the entire region into war. The greater nations of the world will have no choice but to intervene.

Here’s a list of some of the news stories that caught my attention.

  • Rebels in Yemen launched a rocket at a major Saudi airport. Those rebels are supported by Iran. (here)
  • The Lebanese prime minister suddenly resigned while visiting Saudi Arabia. He received news of an imminent assassination attempt by Hezbollah. Hezbollah is well known to be an army that fights for Iran. (here)
  • Saudi Arabia warned it’s citizens to leave Lebanon soon because it fears imminent war. (here)
  • The Saudi leadership has begun sweeping up many of its own high-ranking officials and placing them in confinement. They are accusing them of corruption. It appears leadership is concerned about enemies within.
  • The Saudi’s are making an obvious push to modernize their culture and economy in an effort to draw closer to the west. This concerns Iran. (here)
  • The United States is welcoming these changes and involving them in the still-secret push for peace between Israel and it’s Arab neighbors. (here)
  • The secret peace deal will be unveiled sometime early next year.
  • And of course, the greatest silent threat; Turkey is continuing their move toward a fully Islamic regime. It’s important to remember they have a large stock of the United States’ nuclear weapons. They don’t like the U. S. anymore but they still have control of the weapons. Watch this situation closely.

Serious Trouble:

These news stories point to serious trouble. They point to what we know, but there are deeper troubles we don’t know about. The situation in Lebanon might be the first to break into greater trouble. The greater Middle East wars the bible predicts could be just over the horizon. The wars between Iraq and Iran and the more recent Syrian civil war were mere precursors to what is coming. (Daniel eleven)

Hundreds of thousands of innocents died in those wars. Those were warm-ups for what comes next.

Yoda Wisdom:

How soon will it be? Yoda gives us the answer. “Hard to see the future is.” 

Iran and Saudi Arabia are at war now. The war is fought between rebel factions. Hezbollah is the most apparent proxy army. They will keep it that way for as long as they can…until they can’t.


Saudi Arabia and Bin Laden

Eventually, the two will square off. When they do; most of the other Arab and Islamic nations will have already chosen sides.

The core issue of the problem rests in the differences within Islam. There is the Sunni faction and the Shiite faction. Each group believes they are correct in their manner of worship. Iran is the most powerful Shiite-dominant nation. Osama Bin Laden is the most famous Sunni warrior. He was born in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the most prominent Sunni nation.

ISIS the J.V.

Saudi and Iran ready to mix it up?

President Obama was right. ISIS really was the J.V. squad. The varsity is about to get on the field of war. The Saudi’s and Iranians will face off. It won’t be direct conflict yet. Their proxies will continue to engage for a while but eventually, they will go nose to nose.

And you thought things were bad already? hah!

You know the saying…”You haven’t seen nothing yet.”

God’s Word predicts this. The major and minor prophets in the bible give great details about these predictions. I won’t go into any of that here. I just want to give a heads up about what it is apparently coming sooner rather than later.

The world focuses on North Korea and how often Donald Trump tweets. The powder keg could be about to blow and few are noticing where the real trouble is taking place.

The bible is clear.

  • Things started in the Garden of Eden; in the Middle East.
  • Noah built his boat in the Middle East.
  • The tower of Babel was built in the Middle East.
  • Abraham was given a promise in the Middle East.
  • The promised Messiah, Jesus, was born in the Middle East.
  • The Messiah’s people, the Jews, were driven from the Middle East.
  • That nation, Israel, has returned to the Middle East.
  • Things will finish in the Middle East when Jesus returns there to bring lasting peace.

The timing is uncertain but the wars will increase until the time of the end.

Grab some popcorn. The intense scenes are coming up.


The Claywriter