We know the motive

We know the motive of the atheist who killed those Christians while they sat in church.

He hated them and everyone like them. He hated me though he never knew me. If you are a Christian who attends church then he hated you also.

A news report brought to light that his in-laws attended the church. More will come of that no doubt. He was briefly teaching children in another church. Wow! How did an avowed atheist get that close to those children? What caused his hate to rage even more with that close contact to those precious babes?


Why did he do it? It’s the most common question after a so-called tragedy. Police and detectives investigating crimes always want to know the motive of the individual. What drove this madman to do what he did? These and other questions often linger for years after tragedies.

News anchors, psychiatrists, and reporters banter about imagining scenarios that could have pushed an individual over the edge.

The atheist told us the answer. There is no need to keep looking for what we already know.

I can guess the motive

I’m going to go out on the limb but the limb is strong and I don’t expect it to break.

He hated.

In social media a common refrain or ‘meme’ is this–don’t be a hater.

Well social media is great for some things but the reduction of hate is not one. Hate resides in and prospers on social media and in all of our daily lives.

Hate is strong. When it is allowed to fester in a cold heart it will always break out. It often does terrible damage.

In this case innocent church-goers died.

‘Don’t be a hater’ many shout in defense of their own positions. We should tell the atheist to stop hating the God he doesn’t believe in. Why hate what you don’t believe?

Why hate Christians who you don’t like? Just walk away. Go to a quiet corner and hate all by yourself. Don’t come out of that corner until you can be nice to others.

We know his motive.

His motive screams at us. He is dead, but his kind will strike again. Another like him, with similar passions, will insist upon doing the world a favor by killing more Christians. A brief scroll through the comments section of recent articles reveals the intense hatred many hold toward Christians.

Why and how is the atheist threatened by people who sit in a church, sing songs, have potlucks, and tell people ‘God bless you’?

The motive is hate; hate for God and his children.

Don’t be a hater.

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