Author, pastor, teacher, and content creator–Doug Drake. Looking at the potentially troubled road ahead.


Author of “The Training of a Dream Warrior” mystery-action-adventure for young adults, pastor Doug wants to take you along on your own action-packed escapade. Journey with him on an exciting quest through the unbelievably bizarre, spectacular, suspenseful, tragic, sensual, horrific, yet glorious journey through the bible.

wide-eyed and naked

The bible reads live a mystery novel but its a true story of human disaster and heartbreak. The story-board was created thousands of years ago. A beautiful world and two wide-eyed naked humans set the story in motion in a garden. Today we have many wild-eyed naked humans running around joining billions more racing to a climatic close to the story. How does it end? Let’s find out.

Doug calls himself the ‘clay writer.’ Adam, the first man, was fashioned from clay. Doug knows he is no better, just a collection of dirt and water formed by God for His purpose. The ‘clay writer’ author creates and gathers content to help readers find their way to a better understanding of challenging passages and doctrines.

He has seen too many Christians struggle to understand the bible. That needs to change. With so much uncertainty in the world, he understands the bible should be a source for answers not more confusion. God’s Word is easier to understand with the right approach. God, the real author of the bible, has gifted mankind with the scriptures. Any who seeks the understanding of the bible can find it. Sadly, many come away from time in the Word being just as confused as ever.

As the content creator for The Write Life author-platform he is directing Christians and bible students to clearer understanding of the scriptures. The prophetic scriptures are the primary focus of the articles.  He will at times venture into many other challenging topics.

Doug has pastored, taught, and lead children, youth, parents, and adults for over 35 years. Leading in large churches and small his first passion is knowing the One True God. Second to that is his desire to teach about the God he knows. Desiring to help sincere Christians and bible students find a better approach to understanding their bibles. His approach to prophecy is based in a literal interpretation with context the key. Way too many times teachers take a few passages, find a news story and run crazy with speculation about what the bible says. God is misquoted and misunderstood much too often.

Prophecy is too important

These topics are too important to ignore and we certainly can’t wish them away. Jesus spoke about these things and appeared to leave it open as to when the many things written about would be fulfilled. He mentioned several signs to look for and not a particular date or era. The Church needs to be aware of everything written in the bible about this time that will come on the earth. It’s better to be awake, prepared and clear in our understanding about what God told the writers of the bible regarding what would take place. The bible has a clear beginning, middle, and end of its story. That end appears to be quickly approaching. I’m not saying it’s moments away. As I read and understand the scriptures I interpret the prophetic scriptures to say we have a few things that still need to happen before we are at the precipice of the edge of doom so to speak.

Israel the super sign

Many prophecy teachers refer to Israel as the ‘super sign’. I think that’s a good way to refer to the nation of Israel. The Jewish people were scattered across the globe and mixed within the populations of many cultures. The remarkable thing is that they remained a distinct ethnic group. They didn’t lose their Jewishness. That is important because God’s Messiah, Jesus was born of a Jewish virgin.

In the future, end times setting, the nation of Israel will be in the land. Israel is absolutely critical in the end-of-days scenarios that will play out. It all takes place in and around the Jewish Nation. Focus on the Jews. They live in rebellion against God right now. That will change. They will repent and recognize Jesus as their Messiah. That will be a hard pill to swallow but it will happen.

  • A temple will be built.
  • Sacrifices will start again.
  • Jews will flow back to the nation
  • Jealousy against them will surge internationally.
  • Ten nations will rise up and attack them.
  • Other nations will turn their back on Israel.
  • A desecration of the newly built temple will take place. (the abomination of desolation)
  • The antichrist will be revealed.
  • Many will turn from faith in Christ
  • World wide persecution against Jews, Christians, and infidels will increase from bad to horrific.
  • Another holocaust begins

A different view than you?

After the above events much will still need to happen before Christ returns. I do have a different perspective from many teachers today in some of the views I just stated. I’m not concerned about having an alternative view. I’m over that now. We’re all wrong in some of our interpretations. Only God knows the truth. According to my reading of scripture my view was wrong and is coming more in line with correct biblical interpretation. I’m still refining what I believe to have been wrong interpretations of prophecy. I’m not sticking my flag in the sand anywhere and saying I’m right and everyone else is wrong. I’m studying and listening to the Lord. I listen to what others say. I continue to read a lot, but so many teachers and writers have been wrong and some have been outright shysters just trying to make a dollar bill off the ignorance of others. Like the false prophet Balaam. He tried to get Israel to sin for his own personal gain. Wouldn’t want to be him nor would I want to be the modern shyster.

Rapture when?

I believe the Church will be taken out in the rapture before the wrath of God is poured out on those who take the mark of the beast. I believe the book of Revelation indicates the mark will be put into full effect some time around the middle of the tribulation.

Still not yet though

I’ll let some of the others propose the next earthquake, terror attack, or eclipse will lead us into Armageddon. Many teachers let their emotions get carried away and scare people into believing every little ripple in the news cycle is the next-to-last-thing before rapture and martial law. That’s too crazy, and we shouldn’t look at bible prophecy that way. I don’t believe we are as close to the end as many preachers predict. I don’t believe ‘the end’ is imminent or ‘at any moment’ as many bible prophecy teachers interpret God’s Word.

What do you think? Can you make a good argument for another point of view?


Pastor Doug