Build that Wall Donald Trump! Thus says the Lord. Psalm 51 has clear guidance for the President of the United States.

I just received a special word from the Lord. Donald Trump must build the wall on the southern border!

God has spoken to me on my trip to Lowe’s Home Improvement Center.

Okay, that’s as far as I want to take that. That was only a joke. But that is about as deep as many people go when it comes to hearing from the Lord. Can I tell you a short story about how I heard from the Lord, and how I often hear from him?

My trip to the heavenly vision

It was a day like any other day only something was different–very different.   Just kidding again, I needed to add a little drama 🙂

I slipped the key into the ignition of my Honda Pilot and turned the engine on. I was quickly into reverse, backing down the driveway, pulling the seatbelt over with my left hand and switching it into my right as my left hand grabbed onto the steering wheel.

I turned left and then right without thinking about my usual trip to the gas station. I was heading out for something else but I knew I needed gas for the long drive to work in the morning. The talk-radio broadcast just wasn’t going to work this day. Often I prefer silence over the chatter and noise of the radio. Seeing my phone and ear buds next to me I suddenly had a different idea. I jammed the buds into my ears, plugged the jack into the phone while swiping to find my bible app with the audio bible on it. Down the road I went while a kind sounding gentleman read the Word of God to me.

It was when the gentleman came to the end of Psalm 51 that the vision hit me. The Word struck me like a bolt of lightning; or perhaps it was like a two-by-four up side the head. Anyway, whatever hit me, it caused me to see the vision clearly. Donald must build the wall. It could not have been more clear.

Here are the exact words the gentleman reader in the bible app spoke to me–to me!

“Build thou the walls” 

I pulled over immediately once the realization hit me. God was using the bible app to tell me to tell Donald to build the wall.

Get a message to Donald. Build that wall!

I must get the message to the president. How should I get him the message?

I thought and then it hit me…another two-by-four no doubt.

Twitter! I’ll send him a 140 character notice. He’ll be sure to see it. He’s on there all the time. 🙂

But how big should the wall be? What is God saying now? I scrambled to find the verse where those words were found.


It was verse 18. That must be how high the Lord wants Donald to build the wall. I have more to tell him on Twitter! Then the 2×4 hit me again. If I divide 18 by the number 3 I get three 6’s. Oh No! Three sixes is the number of the Antichrist. Donald must build the wall faster or the Antichrist will enter our country through the southern border. Back to Twitter!

Donald build that wall!            Oh the humanity!!!


Okay, did you get the joke again. I did listen to the bible app and I did hear the words, “build thou the walls”. It was a word from the Lord but it had nothing to do with Donald Trump or the wall on the southern border.

I’ll just read while you build that wall!

I find it very helpful to listen to God’s Word while I drive. I get personal messages, ideas for sermons, thoughts about writing topics and time with God. The Spirit of God brings life to the Word as I drive and hear the messages. I can listen, drive, pray, and get insight and inspiration. It’s a nice little package deal.

Something did strike me funny though, which does happen a lot to me. It would be funny if someone heard those same words and really did get the impression God spoke about the border wall.

That is exactly how many, many Christians, teachers, preachers, and may I say, false prophets come up with their next hook to grab gullible people. (Like this joke here)

Reading your bible or listening to it as I do is not a willy-nilly grab a little prophecy for the day kind of thing. God can and does speak through the words, but it all must be understood and left within the context of the passage. I can’t read Psalm 51, which is about a broken and repentant King David and apply it to the current president. That doesn’t work. It’s about David and his prayer to God, not the Donald.

We must always start with the context first. Certainly passages can apply to us but in this case we should see how David repented and learned from his sin. King David and the border wall is not good bible application.

We have a very serious problem among many Christians. Many, not all, but quite a few Christians think God speaks just like the crazy story I just described. Four words from the bible taken out of context can be made to sound like a vision from The Almighty.

Don’t listen to preachers and teachers who make those wild claims about visions and dreams and use verses out of context.

I am always listening with a skeptical ear to any pastor or teacher. That’s right. I’ve heard a lot of very good teachers and preachers deliver solid messages but I’ve also heard the opposite. I remember once sitting in a pastor’s meeting, waiting to hear from a guest I had heard about. He was coming before the pastors to tell us about a book he had just written. He also was scheduled to speak at our church in the near future. He had a prophesy to share with the whole congregation.

I sat there almost embarrassed for him because his understanding of doctrine was so poor. His supposed prophecy was very similar to the Revelation 12 messages getting passed around again. Yes again. If a cool prophecy works once, you can wait a few years and gullible people will believe it all over again. I wont tell you who the author/false prophet was or the church I was pastoring at. I was embarrassed though at what was passing for good teaching.

It’s shameful for those teachers to pull this in the church. We as Christians should be more discerning about who we listen to and what we believe. Here’s another example

So read your bible, but don’t tell Donald I had that vision. He should build the wall but not because of my trip to Lowe’s.


The Claywriter