Claim: plant respiration of CO2 into atmosphere underestimated by 30%

  1. Is CO2 a pollutant?

    CO2 or Carbon dioxide is no doubt a natural component of our atmosphere but in „normal levels“, meaning that branding CO2 as pollutant refers only to increased levels of CO2 in our atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is thought by many scientists to be the greenhouse gas most responsible for climate change.


From the UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA and the “blame the plants not the humans for climate model failures” department. Carbon emissions by plant respiration will have large impact on climate Study finds that emission rates are 30 percent higher than previously predicted New findings by researchers from the University of Minnesota College of Food, Agricultural and Natural […]

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The battle rages on regarding the dangers of CO2.

The discussion about this extremely important gas is comical. Does anyone in the scientific community really believe the gas is a dangerous pollutant? The gas is necessary for life to exist. Without it, life on this lovely planet won’t last.

Here’s a brief and simple science class. I probably don’t need to go over this because it’s so basic. But for the benefit of the very few who may be confused, I will proceed.

Plants need CO2. It’s essential.

  1. Why do plants need carbon dioxide?

    Plants need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, which leads to the production of sugars, and eventually more complex molecules for use by the plant in growth and metabolism.
Benefits to Plants

Literally, thousands of laboratory and field experiments have conclusively demonstrated that enriching the air with carbon dioxide stimulates the growth and development of nearly all plants.  They have also revealed that higher-than-normal CO2 concentrations dramatically enhance the efficiency with which plants utilize water, sometimes as much as doubling it in response to a doubling of the air’s CO2 content.  These CO2-induced improvements typically lead to the development of more extensive and active root systems, enabling plants to more thoroughly explore larger volumes of soil in search of the things they need.  Consequently, even in soils lacking sufficient water and nutrients for good growth at today’s CO2 concentrations, plants exposed to the elevated atmospheric CO2 levels expected in the future generally show remarkable increases in vegetative productivity, which should enable them to successfully colonize low-rainfall areas that are presently too dry to support more than isolated patches of desert vegetation.

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People need oxygen.

It kind of keeps us alive the same way CO2 keeps the plants alive.

  1. Humans breathe approximately 432 liters of oxygen per day, and that oxygen helps the tissues in the human body function properly. The body needs approximately 352.8 liters of oxygen per day when the body is at rest.

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People, that’s you and me, breath in oxygen and breathe out CO2

Plants, take in CO2 and create and send out oxygen.

A simple and very sarcastic question–Does anyone see the necessary connection between people, plants, oxygen, and CO2?

The people and plants are dependants of one another.


Why is this subject important to a prophecy website:

Because the world will not end on account of man’s love for fast cars, big trucks, and factories.

The world as we know it will come to a close because of mankind’s rebellion against the God who created him. Mankind likes his free choices and the fast cars.


More CO2 in the air means more plant growth. 
Earth’s current atmospheric CO2 concentration is almost 390 parts per million (ppm).  Adding another 300 ppm of CO2 to the air has been shown by literally thousands of experiments to greatly increase the growth or biomass production of nearly all plants.  This growth stimulation occurs because CO2 is one of the two raw materials (the other being water) that are required for photosynthesis.  Hence, CO2 is actually the “food” that sustains essentially all plants on the face of the earth, as well as those in the sea.  And the more CO2 they “eat” (absorb from the air or water), the bigger and better they grow

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The science is settled. We need more of the gas the scientists say is killing the planet. The plants and the planet need it. Without it, the people won’t last very long. I’m a little partial to people, so I say let’s have more of that poisonous gas


The next time you’re outside on a cold morning and see your breath be thankful you are expelling the very gas the plants need to live.

You and I make the world a better place. We also make the world greener. If you really want plants to live longer and stronger, go for a jog or bike ride. All that hard breathing makes more of that dangerous poison gas the plants thrive on.


God the Rainmaker

Acts 14:17 “Yet he did not leave himself without witness, for he did good by giving you rains from heaven and fruitful seasons, satisfying your hearts with food and gladness.”

God is sovereign over the entire universe and in this verse, it shows that He also reigns over nature itself.  God sends forth the rain to ensure fruitful seasons which can satisfy our “hearts with food and gladness” so why not praise our Great God for all the good things that He has done?



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