Arab/Israeli Peace-Deal is possible

Is a peace-deal between Arabs and Israel possible? Rex Tillerson is indicating the “Deal of the Century,” is being discussed between Israel and Palestinians.

The United States, Israel, and many of the Sunni-Arab nations are working on a Peace-Deal. Saudi Arabia apparently is one of the key nations pushing the effort. Despite public comments that are hostile toward Israel, their behind-the-scenes efforts show they really want peace between Jews and Arabs. They fear the growing power of Iran, so they are pushing for unity among Sunni-Arab states.

A war between Israel and neighboring Arab nations erupted in 1948 when Israel was declared a nation. The reasons for the war stretch back many centuries. For these two bitter enemies to come to an agreement to end hostilities–a peace-deal–would be a historic moment in that region.

Surprisingly, it’s not only possible but it now seems likely, considering recent news. The United States, Saudi Arabia, and Israel are working on a peace-deal that could accomplish what many have considered impossible.

Saudi efforts here and here

What the Bible says about this peace

What might be even more surprising, the Bible indicates a Peace-Deal won’t necessarily be a good thing. There is a verse that gives a warning about a declaration of “peace and safety.” Lots of speculation and disagreements have arisen about what the peace and safety will look like. We might be about to find out.