Is the Pope connected to a centuries-old conspiracy? Did a Pope in centuries past hide mysteries inside tunnels around the globe? There is compelling evidence for this and a vast network of underground caves connecting mysteries with dark truths once hidden. How does Daniel chapter twelve fit into all of this? Has the Pope deceived the world about the existence of aliens? What is the reason for the Pope has a tunnel system under the Vatican?

I recently watched a video that advances the idea that Daniel chapter 12 tells us exactly when the coming of Jesus will occur. The very day can be determined. Within the video we also see references to the Pope, aliens, and I just threw in a Donald Trump idea because it fits our crazy fake news cycle. I dispute many of the claims in the video with a reason why we should avoid the positions taken in the video.


Daniel 12 Video

It’s important for faithful bible students to apply basic principles of biblical interpretation and avoid sensational positions not supported by the text of scripture.

Some thoughts I object to in the video: in the following bullet points the bolded words are from the video and my comments follow.

  • Daniel 12 reveals when the second coming will occur.
    • My thoughts: Actually Daniel 12 does give some important ‘timing’ indicators but the context of that timing is very critical to our understanding. The thoughts put forth in the video veer far off from proper biblical understanding and promote many ideas which should be strongly rejected.
  • Only those who have been following advancing light will understand it.
    • My thoughts: In the video there is frequent reference to a phrase that should cause warning bells to go off in all discerning bible students. It refers to ‘advancing light’ as though there is some deeper truth that only a few have access too and even fewer have the right to determine and teach what that advancing light is. Young or older believers can all understand the scriptures as the Spirit of God gives understanding. It’s not an adherence to some pre-determined advancing light that we are to follow. The Spirit will lead us into all truth not some advancing light theories.
  • The soul is purified as it embraces advancing light; accepting every ray of light from heaven…none of the wicked shall understand.
    • My thoughts: In Daniel 12:10 the bible correctly says that “none of the wicked shall understand.” Within the context of the scripture, Daniel is told the timing will not be understood by anyone until the time of the end is near. At that time, understanding will start to come to the “wise”. The Wicked will continue on in unbelief and be unaware the Day of the Lord is near. The teacher in the video defines who those wicked are. They aren’t just unbelievers but in fact they are professing believers who reject the advancing light teaching and don’t accept “every ray of light from heaven.” This opens up all of scripture to be defined by a select few who get to determine what the rays of light are and what is false. Bible students need to reject any positions in which there is some mysterious interpretation that only special people can understand.
  • Advancing light reveals a deeper meaning.
    • My thoughts: The speaker in the video takes a further step in what is a clearly deceptive move. “The advancing light reveals deeper meaning.” This preposterous statement could lead anywhere. When I continue watching the video I realize where they are heading and the strange and deceptive twisting of scripture just gets more bizarre.
  • In reference to the daily sacrifice they interpret it to be better understood to mean the method of determining the advance of time, which to them is a reference to the moon. From that jumping off point they make the much bigger leap to say it clearly references the Saturday Sabbath.
    • My thoughts: Huh? One of the most basic methods of biblical interpretation is to read a bible passage and see where else we can find a similar reference. In this case where the daily sacrifice is mentioned it should be obvious to what the reference is about. The daily sacrifice is a reference to offerings in the temple or tabernacle as was common in Israel for hundreds of years once the temple was in place. But the wise “advancing light” teacher in the video tells us the daily sacrifice is actually a reference to time and the moon. Huh? That is a giant leap that is not at all credible. This is way beyond good bible study and is just a farce.
  • Obedience to the divine commands purifies and sanctifies the soul, disobedience desolates the soul, thus you have the abomination of desolation is really the refusal to obey the Saturday Sabbath.
    • My thoughts: One giant leap deserves another so if the daily sacrifice is really a reference to time and the moon then it follows that the abomination of desolation that Daniel and later Jesus and Paul referred to is none other than believers who worship on Sunday instead of Saturday. This isn’t even scripture twisting anymore. It’s just promoting their belief that we should all go to church on Saturday. They want us to believe if we don’t go to church on Saturday we are committing the abomination of desolation. Bible students can get a good chuckle out of their ridiculous stretch of an interpretation, but the problem is most Christians don’t study their bible and a good video with “advancing light” theories will sway immature believers. They ask us to ignore Paul’s clear teaching to ignore those who want to define how we worship or even on what day we worship. Romans chapter 14 is a great starting point to better understand God’s view of this.
  • This desolation happened in the 4th century under the rule of Constantine.
    • My thoughts: At this point in the video they begin to shift their attack from general Sunday Church attendees to Catholics in particular. The Roman leader Constantine is an easy target in this attack. He started the shift away from the Lunar calendar toward the Solar calendar and this is said to be the start of the abomination of desolation. Those who follow this Sunday worship are led blindly into destruction.
  • They support their theory by reading a verse from Revelation referring to the mark of the beast and the forced compliance the Antichrist will institute in the last days.
    • My thoughts: From Constantine they shift to a familiar passage in Revelation in which the mark of the beast is referenced. This passage is misunderstood by most who read it so if “advancing light” tells us it refers to going to church on Sunday who are we to object? We don’t understand it anyway so it must be true. Again, this is just very poor bible interpretation and should be rejected.
  • The world is on the verge of disaster…when demons in the form of extra-terrestrials…Wait…What? How did we get here?
    • My thought: Okay you almost had me on the alien theory. I like a good alien story but at this point they are just throwing spaghetti against the wall and hoping it sticks and no one asks who is going to clean up the mess. Where do these demon aliens come from? Where does the bible talk about this? And why do they tell us the Pope is their guy? Why not Donald Trump as the alien life form who takes over? Maybe that’s next.

Good bible study does not include advancing light or rays of light from heaven. Dig into the Word of God and study. Don’t follow the ideas of fallen man.

2 Timothy 2:15

Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.


The Claywriter