Hurricanes are lining up in the Atlantic Ocean, waiting their turn to ravage through homes, towns, islands and countries.

Hurricane Harvey makes landfall

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have left devastation in their wake. The final cost in heartbreak, lives, and property is beyond knowing. Irma is still churning through the Caribbean and heading toward the United States. Florida is bracing for landfall. At the same time an enormous earthquake has struck Mexico. The news about Irma will drown out, no pun intended, the information about the earthquake. Though overlooked for a few days, the news in Mexico will start to come out. It won’t be good.

Are these the very signs and calamities that Jesus spoke about two thousands years ago? Are many bible prognosticators correct? Jesus did give warnings about earthquakes, heavenly signs, and calamity. Are these the signs he spoke of?

Luke 21:11 And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

This verse is one of many we can look at. Let’s ask some simple questions regarding his predictions. Jesus combined several things in this verse.

  • Great earthquakes: What makes an earthquake great? How big should it be? Great quakes in history
  • Diverse places: Does that mean many great quakes around the world? Maybe.
  • Famines: We have famine in the world now. We’ve had great famines in the past. Terrible famines
  • Pestilences: How bad will this be? The Spanish flu of 1918 killed 20 to 40 million people. (here)
  • Fearful sights and great signs: What is this? Signs from heaven. Is this just an eclipse? Sounds like something much more ominous than an eclipse. Heavenly signs

Bible prophecy teachers often look like “the sky is falling” fanatics when they point to every bad event and say, “This is it!”

When Jesus first spoke these warnings, Jerusalem was still the center of Jewish worship. The temple stood proudly overlooking the City of David and the Muslims were not even a twinkle in the eye of Mohammed’s ancestors.

Things changed quickly. A rebellion of Jewish patriots led to the destruction of the temple and Jerusalem. Many Jews were killed, captured, or dispersed. Things have changed a lot in recent history, but we are still waiting for the signs Jesus spoke about.

Faithful bible students should avoid pointing to every earthquake and hurricane as a direct judgment from God. Two thousand years of history should make it clear to everyone that bad things happen to young and old, men and women, religious, and non. The signs Jesus spoke of are still in the future. If I or anyone else knew when, we could make a killing in the book business. Nobody knows when but I am absolutely certain this series of hurricanes and now the earthquake is not the specific signs Jesus spoke of.

The combination of signs will begin to hit and build to a devastating crescendo. When the ‘great quakes’ hit, no one will have to ask, “Is this a great quake?” Everyone will know. When the fearful signs in the heaven appear, no one will have to ask, “Is this the great sign?” Everyone will know.

So, in the meantime. Pray for those hit by these troubles and do what you can to help.

These are not the signs you are looking for. There is another.

The Claywriter