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Trying to understand

Can we understand the difficult book called Revelation? Is it really as hard to understand as many believe? I don’t believe it is. You will be able to understand it if you follow some simple guidelines as shown in the article below. Every chapter of the book is filled with images, beasts, confusing symbols and visions. Is there a key to make it easier?

Understanding bible prophecy is not easy. The book of Revelation is considered by many to be the pinnacle of prophecy. Is it true that if we can understand this book then all other bible prophecies become more clear. That would be an over simplification of this complicated subject. We can’t understand prophecy by thorough study of just one book. The subject is very complicated and really requires years of study encompassing all of scripture in order to come to a firm grasp of the great puzzle God has written. It’s worth the effort though and the rewards have nothing to do with being the first to find out when great calamity will fall upon unrepentant sinners.

It’s about knowing God

It’s about knowing God; reading His whole story, and learning about His character, His creative nature, His love, His forgiveness, and His efforts on behalf of mankind. If there is a beginning to a great story there stands to reason there should be an ending. Revelation details much of that ending. Can we understand the ending and thus learn more about God while we seek that understanding?

Yes we can.

I want to introduce you to a fine teacher and excellent student of the scriptures. His name is Samuel Whitefield. He has some excellent articles on a wide range of subjects. Below I’ve posted his article ‘Introduction to the Book of Revelation.’

It’s very good. What do you think of his take on this book?

Introduction to Revelation

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