Jewish Calendar in dispute. Have the years been calculated correctly?

Jewish Calendar showing comparative months on the Gregorian calendar

What year is it really? Is the Jewish calendar correct? How about the Gregorian calendar? Who has kept accurate records? Should we accept the dates and years of patriarchs in the early years of biblical history?

The scientists of today have told us that life sprung up from the primordial ooze millions of years ago. That does not fit the biblical narrative.

Who is right, God or the scientists? I’ve got my money on God.

Please read the following article which gives very interesting clarity on the subject of the calendar. Knowing what year it really is will help us determine if we are indeed close to the return of Christ.

What year is it really?


Some excerpts from the article

The Bible interjects the novel concept that history has a beginning, an end, and a purpose, and that Jesus is the meaning of it all (Revelation 1:17-18).

Most people think the Hebrew calendar is a lunar one. That is only partially true. Technically, it is a lunisolar calendar, which means the years are reckoned according to the sun, but the months according to the moon. In contrast, the Muslim calendar is strictly lunar.

The Jews were prohibited from using a pure lunar calendar by the fact that they were required by their Scriptures to celebrate seven feasts each year, and three of those feasts — First Fruits, Pentecost and Tabernacles — were related to the agricultural cycle. So, to prevent the feasts from migrating around the calendar, the Jews inserted an extra month of 30 days seven times during a 19 year cycle. This extra month, called Adar 2, is referred to technically as an intercalary month since it is intercalated, or inserted, into the calendar.5

Identifying the Year
Now, with this background about the three calendar systems, let’s move to a consideration of the really important question: What year is it?

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