The Ica Caps are melting again which means sea levels are rising too. This can only mean one thing. It’s summer time in the Northern Hemisphere and the climate scientists are raising alarm levels about man’s corrupting effects upon the globe.

Every summer temperatures rise and we get to hear how unprecedented heat levels are melting Ice Caps which lead to rising sea levels threatening coastal communities all around the world.

The sceptic in me

Count me as a sceptic. I think the Ice Caps will be just fine. Yes, I’m one of the climate-deniers who believes the hysteria is just that–hysteria. The world will continue until God says so. There is nothing in the bible about man destroying the world with gas-guzzling cars.

I’ve been amused by the weather broadcasts I have heard lately. Every week the local weather person raises his or her voice when describing the ‘local heat wave’ that is coming in the next few days. listening to the report is amusing but I have to wonder if they feel foolish about what they are saying. They get all worked up about the temperature rising to unprecedented heat levels but it’s summer. Every summer the weather gets warmer and people get their swim suits out, go to the beach, and get a tan. The rising sea levels never interrupt their trips to the beach and the alarm raising about ‘heat wave’ temperatures approaching ‘the mid eighties’ never slow the tens of thousands of beach-goers that crowd the beaches every year.

Don’t they know they should be alarmed? Don’t they know the sea levels are rising?

I have a question:

Do the meteorologists ever go down to the beach and notice that after forty years of rising seal levels the beaches are still in the same spot? I must admit I never went to school to learn about such complicated things as melting glaciers and rising sea levels but for all these decades of rising seal levels I would have expected to see the Pacific Ocean begin encroaching upon the California coastline more. All those boats still dock in the same place, the surfers still paddle out at the same spot, and the girls still set their towels on the same beaches trying to distract those surfers from the next big set of waves.

I guess it’s the sceptic in me. I just can’t see the glacier in front of my face.

Below is another article that creates problems for the temperature hysteria scientists.

Greenland is getting colder in the summer. What? That’s not supposed to happen!

Greenland getting cold in July

Pastor Doug