What is the probability of fulfillment of Revelation 12:1-4 on Sept. 23rd 2017?

Right about ZERO?

Get ready for Sept. 23rd 2017

There is a lot of hype about a September 23rd fulfillment of prophecy. (here) (or here)

It isn’t suggested there might be fulfillment but there will be. That’s a bold claim.

At the end of this post you’ll find a video from a teacher who supports the theory. It’s not too long. Take a look and let me know what you think.

We are all free to decide what we believe. Personally I would like to see Christians return to sound biblical interpretation and the use of good study habits. The wild speculation and unsupported predictions are not helping draw people to God. The scriptures are taken out of context in order to support the latest theory. All of this makes a sceptic more willing to quickly dismiss anyone who claims the bible is trustworthy.

A Comment to the teachers

Below is a comment I left on a few sites. I have no desire to argue over these things. Don’t bother trying, it’s not worth anyone’s time. I want to see a return to good bible study. My comment begins with a quote from one of the teachers of the many videos you can find on YouTube.

Luke 21:28

New International Version
When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”

Quote: “this is highly significant that two retrogrades should occur in the same…

What? I’m sorry but this is not bible study! This is not correct bible interpretation.

Jesus, Paul, John, etc. never told us to look for two retrogrades in the sky for when you do, then you know that your redemption draws close.
Go back to Genesis, read slowly through the whole bible. Find good study guides and trusted commentaries. Stay away from videos and such until you have a sound understanding of God’s plan as revealed in his Word.
They are a distraction if you don’t know how to read study and interpret.
God did not ordain that his plan would be discovered by having a free star app (Solarium) on your iPhone. God’s truth is in the bible not in the star app.
The woman is Israel:                      its prophecy; not in the stars                                  Gen. 3:15 is where it begins
The child is Jesus, the Messiah:    its prophecy; not a star app                                    Gen. 3:15 is where it begins
The dragon is Satan:                      its prophecy; not a collection of stars and planets Gen. 3:15 is where it begins

These prophecies had a partial fulfillment during the first coming of Jesus. There will be a complete fulfillment of this prophecy during and at the end of the tribulation period. Period!
The war in Heaven between Michael and Satan starts the excitement. Satan is removed from Heaven. He and his buddies make their last effort to destroy Israel. The promises of God won’t be fulfilled if Israel is destroyed. Satan sees he has one last chance so the final years of the tribulation consist of Satan, the dragon, making his last effort to destroy every Jew. All the prophets point to this.
It is a final war in Heaven and earth between God and a rebellious Satan. God wins.
No star char is needed, but years of study in God’s Word makes for a good start. Begin at the beginning.
No disrespect intended but we must learn to read and study. Paul warned of those who should be mature but can barely handle the milk.
We should be eating solid meat but can only handle baby formula.
Not a good witness to the world.
When the 24th of September hits, start your morning with some prayer and the Word and make your commitment to stay on that path.
God bless your time in the Word.

The Claywriter