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Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary


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Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary

Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Revised and Expanded

For 25 years the Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary has been the go-to Bible reference resource for lay Bible students, teachers, pastors, academic courses, and libraries. Those who have used it have praised its comprehensiveness, conciseness, and clarity. Over 6,500 articles from Aaron to Zuzite are written to equip the reader for greater competence in understanding and interpreting the Scriptures. Each article is structured to begin with a concise definition followed by a thorough development of the topic. Some 700 full-color photos, maps, reconstructions, and charts enrich the experience of those who use the Dictionary for personal study, academic work, and preparation for teaching and preaching the Bible.


Contemporary Bible readers are separated from the original documents by 2,000 to 3,500 years. Bridging this chasm requires linguistic, literary, geographical, historical, and cultural information that the Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary provides. This third edition of the Dictionary makes available up-to-date archaeological information that illuminates the biblical text.

Holman has Pictures!

We’ve all read the phrase, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ This bible study tool makes that phrase very real. We can read simple text to understand the bible. When we read it and also have pictures of the cities, countries, and rivers the bible jumps out to us. It is so much easier to understand when you can see it. Look at maps, charts, mountains, and valleys. This helps you understand where people sat when they listened to Jesus preach his sermons.

When David fought Goliath you get a better picture of where that took place.

This is a great study tool. Add it to your library.

The Claywriter 


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