Iran’s Great Invasion and Why It’s Next

Iran’s Great Invasion and Why It’s Next


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Iran’s Great Invasion

and Why It’s Next in Bible Prophecy

Is Iran on the verge of a great invasion of the Middle East? Author Mark Davison explores the topic as he dives deep into the prophecies of the Book of Daniel.

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From Mark Davidson, the author of Daniel Revisited.

What would you do?

What if you stumbled across a message, a simple interpretation of scripture, much simpler than scholars had been telling us, and it opened your eyes and completely transformed your perspective on the end times? You knew in your heart and mind it was true because news events coming from the Middle East confirmed this message every day.

What if millions of lives were about to be deeply affected and someone had to say something? And what if that someone had to be you?

What would you do?

“If you want to know the truth regarding present-day events in the Middle East and how they will affect you and your family, you need to get this book. A major fire has been lit and few are paying attention” (Dr. Sonny Payne, founder of New Gate Ministries and host of the international television program, Jerusalem Chronicles)

“What Mark has done is create a very quick read for those Christians who can feel something coming but can’t put their finger on it, who know that God is in control but, in a world spiraling into chaos, don’t know where to go scripturally” (Chris Mantei, Northeast Region Community Voice, Voice of the Martyrs)

“The message in this book needs to be heard today! I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend this book. It will change the way you face the future!” (Carl Sutter, senior pastor, Foundations Church, Loveland, Colorado).


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