The Training of a Dream Warrior Paper back

The Training of a Dream Warrior Paper back


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Dream Warrior series. A young boy on his way to becoming a man encounters angelic guardians and dark hybrid warriors. It’s from a dream that he first learns something is about to change. It’s also from a dream that he learns to fight, but can he die while he sleeps?

Do young boys have scary dreams? Leo did. He was a quiet, small for his age but athletic, ten-year-old boy with light brown hair. He didn’t have trouble sleeping, he slept well, but his dreams had begun to trouble him.

Often after waking from his troubled slumber, he would wonder if there was meaning or purpose in his perplexing dreams. His anxiety about his dreams grew when they didn’t stay in the world of soft pillows and warm blankets. The people, places, symbols, and giants he saw in his dreams began to enter his waking world. It was the dream of the kidnapping of his brother Blaine that scared him the most. Were his dreams a premonition, or foretelling things to come?

A seer must be trained. Would Leo understand that he had been chosen for the task?

The Claywriter

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