The Training of a Dream Warrior Revised: 7000 year war

The Training of a Dream Warrior Revised: 7000 year war


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The Training of a Dream Warrior Revised: 7,000 years of war, an ancient darkness arises, the last seer must be trained Kindle Edition

When Leo sees the mysterious symbol from his dreams hung on the inside of the front door of his home, he realizes the things out of his dreams have begun to appear while he is wide awake. The dark-clad strangers of his nightmares have captured his brother. He knows they are no longer confined to his dreams. They are real and chasing him and his friends through the fields and streets of his neighborhood.
An explosion rocks the street where they live and brings a shocking death to two kids when Leo and his friends are forced into an empty home and threatened at knifepoint by the leader of a gang of teens.
With the help of his best friend Amanda, they search the library for ancient texts. Looking for reasons why he has been singled out by the Nephi. The Nephi at first appears to be just another teen. His dreams reveal the truth, he is something far more fiendish then what he appears. He draws the teens and Leo into the dark war of centuries past.
A magnificent winged creature from his dreams tells Leo he has been chosen to see these mysteries. The Nephi must be stopped, but he doesn’t realize he is the one picked to defeat him. what he also has yet to discover is that the lion-horses and giants in his dreams are also real. They are just the beginning lessons in his spiritual journey. The training of the last seer has begun.


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