Dream Warrior

Dream on young hero…but be careful what you dream about.

Leo is an athletic and painfully-shy ten-year-old boy. Everyone likes Leo–until the dreams begin. It’s then that dark things begin to hunt him.

He lives with his mother and brother on Lakeside Drive. When his troubling dreams begin some unusual things start to happen. The waking world of his quiet life and friendly neighborhood learns fear.

Symbol on the Door

One morning, as he and his brother prepare for school he sees a mysterious symbol. The same symbol he saw tattooed on the arms of those who kidnapped his brother. The tattooed and dark-clad strangers take Blaine to an old abandoned warehouse. Leo’s dreams lead him to where they have hidden his brother. There he finds his brother momentarily unattended. A chase begins and takes the brothers and their friends through the fields and streets of their neighborhood.

Explosion on the Corner

Days later, Leo and his friends are forced into an empty house on a corner. It’s only two doors down from his home. They are immediately threatened at knifepoint by the leader of a gang of teens. A fiercely bright light flashes through the night, then a thunder rattles the glass door in the back of the house. The house then explodes, sending the bodies of two kids through the eight-foot pane of glass. They’re dead in minutes. Everyone runs for home or cover; anywhere they can find away from the danger.

Finding Answers

Leo and his best friend Amanda,  begin a search through library books for answers. The Watcher guides them to texts where some answers can be found. They especially look for answers about the Nephi.

The Nephi, at first, appeared to be no more threatening than the other teens he hung out with. Then Leo saw him in a dream. In the dream Leo began to inch closer to the truth A truth the Watcher had urged him to embrace. The Nephi is dangerous and cunning. He is sinister and a part of an evil Leo had no idea existed. The Nephi draws all those around him into the enticing darkness. The tattooed teens who captured Blaine are the least of Leo’s worries. Hybrid warriors are ready to join the long war.

The Watcher

The immensely powerful Watcher gradually appears more often in his dreams. He brings a message but he can’t understand it’s meaning. Leo must accept his calling or Amanda and Blaine will die. He must train to fight the Nephi, a beast now, no longer a teen. He must defeat him or he will die too.

The Nephi is a hybrid creation. Who or what created him is part of the story Leo is trying to understand. Someone or something is creating–no–breeding these things. The Nephi he knows of is but one of many.

What he also has yet to discover is that the Lion-horses and giants of his dreams are also real. These are the first lessons in the spiritual journey and the training of the young seer. If he does not see–who will?


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