Trump colluded with Russia!

Trump colluded with Russia!

It’s terrible and treasonous. When is someone going to do something about this? I can’t live in a country in which Trump colluded with Russia.

There is no proof Trump colluded with Russia but I know it’s true because so many people are talking about it and saying it’s true. It is true. When will someone save us from this terrible crime on humanity.

Oh, and ISIS blew up a bomb in a crowd filled with girls attending an Ariane Grande concert. That’s really bad too but we don’t have time for such things because Trump colluded with Russia.

Father in Heaven. Please forgive us of our countless sins. Please ease the heartbreak of families who have lost precious family members at the Manchester concert. Give us a heart of compassion for those who suffer and patience as we wait for your justice.

Trump colluded with Russia


Pastor Doug