Another war is coming to the Middle East:

Middle Eastern wars will continue.

The Bible makes this prediction clear in many passages, chapters, and verses. There is no escaping it, the only question is when, and who will the adversaries be? Syria, entangled in a terrible civil war, is in a fight to the death to find peace. Their fight for peace is bloody and will continue. Many years have passed and the Syrian war still rages on. The most powerful militaries on the planet have forces deployed in and around the country. The world wants that war to end soon.

It may end soon, but what follows after that?

ISIS is near defeat

The devil-inspired soldiers of ISIS are nearing defeat in Iraq and Syria. The greatest help to that end has come from the military might of Russia and the United States. Those nations fight separately on the same battlefield. They have opposite views politically but both militaries fight against ISIS. Stopping the Syrian civil war is their common goal. When the last ISIS coward is killed or in prison, they should skip the celebration and prepare for the next phase of the war. I believe an extended time of war in the Middle East began many years ago. It will continue until God’s future plans have come to pass.

Israel is indirectly involved in the conflict. The battle in Syria literally is on their northeastern border. Several times Israeli forces have struck military convoys, weapons facilities, and storage depots. Israeli leadership is keenly aware of the fact the warring factions can quickly turn their weapons toward them. Hezbollah, a military group stationed in Lebanon, fights in Syria. They fight in support of the Syrian government with the full support of the government of Iran. Iran and Hezbollah have sworn allegiance to one another. They are bitter enemies of Israel. When ISIS is defeated, Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah will celebrate. Then they will turn their weapons on a new foe.

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Middle Eastern war continues. Are the Kurds the next Iranian target?

A new foe

They are not ready to bring the conflict to Israel yet. That is their eventual plan but they must strengthen their position in the region before moving against Israel. The Kurdish fighters probably will be the next target. The Kurds have fought successfully and live autonomously in northern Iraq. Iran wants full control of Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. I expect Iran to push hard against the Kurds once the Syrian war comes to a partial peace settlement.

Israeli defeat?

Has the countdown to the destruction of Israel begun? Israel faces certain defeat and eventual annihilation at the hands of its enemies. At least that is the proud boast from the leader of Hezbollah. If Israel makes even the slightest mistake they will face annihilation. That is another boast from the same leader. The coming war between Israel and Hezbollah is probably many months away if not a year or more. Iran is not ready. If Iran is not ready than Hezbollah must wait because that is who they get their direction from.

We see all this unfolding in the news. The Middle East is on fire and has been for many years. That will not stop. It is fascinating to realize the Bible predicted all these wars thousands of years ago. The secular world can scoff at the bold claims found in the Bible but these wars are exactly what was foretold.

Chapter eight in the book of Daniel we see the beginning of these wars. A force from the east, (Iran) moves across the Middle East until it gets to the Mediterranean Sea. This is almost fulfilled. Once they accomplish this, the real battles begin.

Stay tuned.

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