The Great American Eclipse, August, 21st, and a mysterious sign in the heavens, September 23rd, have stirred a lot of interest among bible prophecy students. Is the American eclipse anything more than a fascinating astronomical event? Is it a sign from God about an upcoming judgment on America?

Gary Stearman from ‘Prophecy Watchers’ comments on these and other Heavenly signs. He details several spectacular events that drew similar or greater attention than what we are experiencing now. Does he just lack clear vision or faith?

What should we make of the August 21st eclipse and the September 23rd mystery sign in the sky? In the above video Gary Stearman has a very reasoned approach for us to consider.

What is your opinion about Mr. Stearman’s view?

Is he:

  • blind for not seeing the obvious?
  • foolish for denouncing what many believe is a clear sign from God?
  • wrong to compare past failed prophecies to these two wonder signs?
  • approaching the subject incorrectly?
  • offering a viewpoint that a clear-minded bible student should consider?

I’ve said what I think in other posts. Tell me what you think. (here) and (here)

Keep in mind, the time is approaching, and the strong opinions of many will be challenged by the facts after the dates of these two events have passed.

I expect to get in my car and drive to work after each great wonder in the sky. Let’s hope for a beautiful sunrise.


The Claywriter